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Inside Iran

On Tuesday and Wednesday, March 13th and 14th, in addition to the protests of the uprising youth at the ceremony of Chaharshanbeh Suri (Fire Festival), the protests of fed up people continued: 1.On Tuesday, March 13, students from universities of Tehran, Allameh Tabatabai and Science and Technology, protested against the suppression of students and


Protests in Iran are escalating due to the water crisis millions of people are affected by. The protesters are criticising the Iranian government’s mishandling of the country’s water resources.People in central Iran are now having to deal with serious water shortages. Most of these people live in rural areas.Farmers in Varzaneh in the Isfahan province started to protest last month and they recently turned into violent confrontations.

In its annual report, the United Nations has identified Finland as the most cheerful country in the world and Iran under the rule of the malicious mullahs as one of the most cheerless countries in the world.According to the report, Iran under the rule of cruel mullahs ranked 106th and lower than Somalia, Nigeria, and Pakistan. The report was released while the recent World Economic Forum's annual report

A fired Iranian government worker from a town in Iran’s Kerman Province has set the mayor on fire, whilst the mayor was sitting in his car, according to the Iranian Regime’s IRNA news agency.On Wednesday March 14, the angry worker poured gasoline into the mayor’s car, whilst the mayor was inside, before igniting the vehicle, causing sustained serious injuries to the mayor.


In a reaction to implementation of 15 years imprisonment for his deputy, The Iranian regime’s former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wrote a letter calling senior judiciary officials “number one accused of corruptions”.One day after Hamid Baqaei, Ahmadinejad’s deputy, was introduced to prison, the letter dated Wednesday March 14, 2018, was published in Dowlat Bahar website in which Ahmadinejad targeted

The mullahs' anti-human regime resorted to widespread arrests across Iran to confront the popular uprisings and protests on Fire Festival celebration (March 13th). According to repressive police officials, 889 people were arrested in only 22 cities of the country.According to the statements or interviews of police chiefs, 436 people in Tehran, 90 in Qom, 90 in Mashhad, 50 in Semnan, 40 in Arak,


At the recent days coincide with the New Year's Eve celebrations, the Iranian people, along with their organized resistance, deftly connected traditional traditions with struggles for libertarian and preparing for a new round of anti-government protests.The most recent anti-regime protests in Iran happened for several weeks in late December and January across Iran with the chants of “death to the dictator” and

Sadegh Kharrazi, a former regime's ambassador to France, acknowledged the devastation caused by clerical regime ruling Iran and the explosive situation in the society. He said, "The severe problems have destroyed the livelihoods of the people," and “The people crossed the principalists and the reformists,” he added.He also said, “When I was coming back a trip from Ahwaz and Khuzestan,

   The Iran regime’s Judiciary system sentenced Sadegh Zibakalam from Rouhani's faction to 18 months of imprisonment and two years of deprivation of social and political activity on charges of propaganda against the state. He announced his proscription by a clerical judge on Sunday, March 13, by posting a video on the social networks. Zibakalam said that he could not "believe" the verdict and if


The clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and its agents in the regime’s embassy in Albania are working under the cover of cultural activities in Tehran and Tirana through the use of their known mercenaries to slander and disseminate false information against the Iranian resistance and the PMOI in Albania. While the mullahs regime is besieged by uprisings, protests and strikes all over the country,