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NCRI Statements | Iran Protests

Iranian regime and its criminal authorities from different factions, who have seen the prospect of regime’s overthrow during the people’s uprising, express their severe fear and deep concern over the people’s anger and disgust of Khamenei and other ruling mullahs.

Thousands of innocent young protesters, have been detained and are under horrific situation since the current Iranian uprising started on December 28, 2017.Their lives is in serious jeopardy, we must ask for their freedom.We call on everybody to add their voice for their immediate release.Please act now before it is too late. Many protesters have already lost their lives only for participating in peaceful demonstrations.

When the Iranian Regime restricted civilian internet usage in an attempt to quell the widespread protests across the country, it didn’t stop the Iranian people from accessing the net, just how they did it.Software that evades governmental internet censorship, like virtual private networks (VPNs), is being readily used by ordinary Iranians so that they can still access sites like Instagram

The Iranian Resistance offers its deep condolences and sympathies to the families, friends and colleagues of the sailors of the Sanchi (Sepid) oil tanker who died in the East China Sea and strongly condemns the delay of the mullahs’ regime in saving the lives of the sailors.Considering regime’s cover-ups and continuous equivocations about this horrific incident, an independent and impartial investigation by independent

 Widespread protests against “rising prices, poverty, unemployment, discrimination and inequality” are the outcome of “mismanagement by state officials and the three branches of the government”, Iran's Teachers Trade Unions’ Coordination Council, TTUCC has announced.Iranians poured into the streets in recent days to protest “poor economic conditions, systematic discrimination and corruption, as well as poverty and social inequality”, the union says.

The Iranian regime is under immense pressure at the minute. The people have taken to the street en masse to protest and hold anti-government demonstrations. The people are slamming the regime for plundering the nation’s wealth on conflicts abroad.Will the Iranian regime pay attention to the demands of the people? Almost certainly not. For almost four decades,

Back in 1989, a mid-level cleric in the Iranian Regime became the surprise pick for Supreme Leader after the death of the Regime’s founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.Ali Khamenei was chosen as the Supreme Leader during an emergency closed-door session of the Assembly of Experts, in which he said that he was unqualified for the job and his selection was unconstitutional, as damning new footage shows.


Iranian officials have confirmed that at least two detained protesters arrested during the anti-establishment protests in the cities of Tehran and Arak have died behind bars.The officials say that Sina Ghanbari and Vahid Heydari committed suicide in Evin’s Quarantine ward and Arak prisons, respectively.Ghanbari, 23, died in custody in Tehran under unknown circumstances on January 7.

Several international human rights organizations expressed their concern over the fate of arrested protesters in Iran, calling upon the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran Asma Jahangir to seriously follow up on the situation of detainees in Iranian prisons.Several scientific figures also stated they are worried about the student that had been arrested during the protests,

In support of recent protest rallies in the country, Iran’s independent labor unions have issued joint statements to condemn regime’s dealing with protesters.The five independent formations -- Free Labor Union of Iran, Kermanshah Electrical and Metal Workers Labor Union, Alborz Province’s Painters Syndicate, Association of Defenders of Workers’ Rights,