We are calling for Reza Shahabi and other hunger-striking labour activists, teachers and labour movement prisoners in Iranian jails to be released. Reza, a bus driver trade unionist, and a group of about 50 others have now been on hunger strike for almost a month in protest about the legality of their imprisonment and prison conditions. Their lives are in danger. Reza Shahabi’s comrade Shahrokh Zamani died in the same prison in September 2015.

We express our solidarity with the comrades on hunger strike and demand the Iranian government releases them, and all jailed labour movement activists in Iran.

Morad Shirin Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign, Ronnie Draper Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union general secretary, Clive Lewis MP, Alex Sobel MP, Ronnie Campbell MP, Kelvin Hopkins MP

 originally published on the     theguardian

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