• Canada closely monitoring ongoing protests in Iran


    Global Affairs Canada today released the following statement on the ongoing protests in Iran:“Canada is encouraged by the Iranian people who are exercising their basic right to protest peacefully.“We call on the Iranian authorities to uphold and respect democratic and human rights.
    “Canada will continue to support the fundamental rights of Iranians, including the right to freedom of expression.”

  • How to kick out the ayatollahs in Iran

    Clarion Project- Last Friday, based on a request made by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, the UN Security Council weighed in on the Iran protests.Enabling the voice of the Iranian people being heard in the Security Council is a strategic step forward for the nation’s uprising. It also provides a roadmap for the international community to find a practical and stable solution to the challenge posed by the rogue regime in Tehran.

  • Iran protests shine a light on Obama’s poor policies


    Herlad Sun, January 01, 2018 - IT may wind up fizzling out, or it may end in tears. But the current wave of protests sweeping Iran is, in a world that seems more chaotic and dangerous every day, a real reason for optimism for 2018.Not only have the protesters raised the real possibility that one of the world’s most obnoxious and destabilising wannabe nuclear powers might give way to something more peaceful and pro-Western,

  • The PMOI/MEK Social Headquarter In Iran Calls For General Strike Especially In The Oil Sector


    Iran, Jan. 1, 2018 - In a statement to the brave and noble Iranians, the POMI/MEK Social Headquarters in Iran calls for a general strike in the country especially in the oil sector. The statement in part says: We must shake the evil of the despotism with the cry of 'Death to Velayat a-Faqih' [Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist]. 
    The strike in military industry and ammunition factories in addition to the important oil sector is necessary

  • The two directors failed to attend the International Labor Summit due to travel ban by Iran regime

    NCRI - Following the invitation of the French trade union for the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, The two directors named Reza Shahabi and Davoud Razavi could not attend the 106th Summit of the International Labor Organization (ILO) due to the travel ban. By the time two labor activists were off to Geneva on Saturday, June 12, the airport agents banned their travel.

  • We should tie support for the Iran nuke deal to human rights


    Since before the conclusion of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 in the summer of 2015, European policies toward the Islamic Republic have been badly misguided.The desire for that nuclear deal contributed to the development of an overwhelmingly conciliatory approach by Western leaders, ultimately leading to an ineffectual agreement that gave away tens of billions of euros in sanctions relief,

  • Why the Iranian Uprising Won’t Die

    Modern Iran has faced many uprisings, insurgencies and revolutions, from the 1905 Constitutional Revolution to the 1979 revolution to the 2009 Green Uprising. So the mass protests against the Islamic Republic that have taken place over the last few days are not unprecedented. But Iran has not witnessed such a storm since 2009, and possibly 1979.

  • A study of the arbitrary killing of porters in western Iran


    Every year, hundreds of unarmed porters are killed or injured by Iranian security forces near the western borders of Iran mainly in the provinces of Kurdistan, West Azerbaijan and Kermanshah. The killing of porters has dramatically increased in recent months.

  • After 13 days of silence, Khamenei acknowledged continuation of uprising, and PMOI as the organizer of it

     Khamenei: PMOI had organized (the uprising) since a few months ago, they selected some people inside the country; they were also the ones who called on the people to make the people follow them After a deadly and lengthy silence, Khamenei showed up on the thirteenth day of the uprising, and acknowledged the continuation of the uprising. He showed his fear of the anger of people and,

  • Amid wave of protests in Iran, UN rights chief urges impartial probe into all acts of violence

     3 January 2018 – The top United Nations human rights official on Wednesday urged the Iranian authorities to handle the protests that have taken place around the country “with great care” so as not to further inflame violence and unrest.“I am deeply disturbed by reports that more than 20 people, including an 11-year-old boy,

  • Amnesty International Reports on Grave and Numerous Human Rights Violations in Iran

    Amnesty International has released its latest report on the situation of human rights in the world. The situation in Iran was elaborated in great detail and the organisation highlighted many areas in which human rights are being heavily suppressed.It pointed out that the UN Human Rights Council renewed the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran,

  • Amnesty International: Fears Grow Over Safety of Iran Protesters


    Some of those arrested for participating in Iran protests are being tortured and murdered in custody, according to recently released prisoners and the families of those still held without charges.At a rally outside Iran’s infamous Evin prison, activist Amir said: “People inside are being tortured, maybe tortured to death.”A friend of his was released after a week in jail and has now gone into hiding over fears for his family’s safety.

  • Amnesty International: two women human rights defenders are facing ill-treatment in Shahr-e Rey prison, outside Tehran.

     According to the statement issued by the Amnesty International on March 9, Atena Daemi and Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee are serving their prison term in a prison which used to be an industrial chicken farm with "unsanitary conditions" at present. Access to the outside world for Atena Daemi and Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee is being"severely restricted," the statements reports.

  • An Iran regime's school closed in the UAE

    NCRI Staff

    NCRI - The Deputy Director of International Affairs of overseas schools announced that an Iranian school whose license was not renewed, was closed in Sharjah, the UAE.On September 10, Ali Hosseini in an interview with Tasnim News, affiliated with the terrorist Qods Force, stated that the political relation of Iran and the UAE is not close and therefore, some overseas schools have faced various problems.

  • An IRGC official admits women have played an initiating role in the recent protests

    By Mahdavi nasim 

    Iran became an Islamic republic in 1979 when the leadership of the anti-monarchy revolution was hijacked by Khomeini and clerics took the power.

    Since the onset of the rule of the mullahs, the Iranian women have been severely suppressed by the Islamic regime.

  • ANALYSIS: How these protests in Iran differ from 2009

    By Heshmat Alavi

    Starting Thursday, anti-government rallies beginning in Mashhad, northeast Iran, are mushrooming in several major cities of Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan and Shiraz, and dozens of towns across the country.These rallies are in sharp contrast to the 2009 episode where former US president Barack Obama refused to support the massive demands for sweeping change.

  • ANALYSIS: How to pursue talks with Iran while isolation haunts the regime

     By Heshmat Alavi

    What we have all come to understand is the fact that protests across Iran came as a major shock for the ruling regime and the international community. While the first wave of protests may have been quelled, Iran's regime fully understands there is an intense fire burning in this powder keg society.Making matters even worse, and a subject Tehran refuses to discuss, is the parallel expansion of international isolation currently haunting this regime.

  • ANALYSIS: What lies ahead for Iran’s simmering fire of protests?

    By Heshmat Alavi

    The recent uprising sweeping across Iran is rattling the very pillars of the ruling regime. Despite claims and analysis of this movement coming to an end, senior Iranian officials and state media continue to express concerns about its impact, and what lies ahead.Although many of these remarks are made in line with Iran's hardliners targeting the government of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani,

  • Anglo-Iranian Communities Call on the Uk Government to Support the Democratic Aspirations of Protesters in Iran


    Members of the Anglo-Iranian communities and supporters of Iran’s democratic opposition coalition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), took part in a major rally opposite Number 10 Downing Street to call on the Prime Minister to break her silence over the popular uprising in Iran and the regime’s brutal crackdown.Participants urged the Prime Minister and FCO to condemn the heavy crackdown

  • Anti-regime protests in Iran continue

    JEDDAH/LONDON: Anti-regime protests in Iran continued Thursday as the country’s London-based Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi came out in support of the demonstrators.“If the government has not listened to you for 38 years, your role has become to ignore what the government says to you now,” Asharq Al-Awsat, a sister publication of Arab News, quoted Ebadi as saying in an interview published Thursday.