• Iran protests shine a light on Obama’s poor policies


    Herlad Sun, January 01, 2018 - IT may wind up fizzling out, or it may end in tears. But the current wave of protests sweeping Iran is, in a world that seems more chaotic and dangerous every day, a real reason for optimism for 2018.Not only have the protesters raised the real possibility that one of the world’s most obnoxious and destabilising wannabe nuclear powers might give way to something more peaceful and pro-Western,

  • Iran: Calls for an inquiry into 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners

    By Greg Russell

    The National Scotland, 19 August 2017 - A group of politicians has called for an international commission to be set up to investigate the massacre in summer 1988 of more than 30,000 political prisoners in Iran, with a view to prosecuting those involved.The call came in Paris, base of the National Council of Resistance of Iran ( NCRI), the country’s opposition-in-exile, during an exhibition highlighting the horrors of the massacre,

  • ISIS Attacks in Tehran is a gift to Khamenei to Escape From Impasse, Regional and International Isolation

    Shedding blood of innocent people under any pretext must be condemned; ISIS practices clearly benefit clerical regime

    Following the initiative launching a broad international coalition of Arab and Islamic countries and the United States against the clerical regime’s warmongering and terrorism, ISIS carried out unexpected attacks in Tehran against its own godfather, at Khomeini’s tomb and the regime’s parliament. It is noteworthy that ISIS has never acted against the regime in past years.

  • Maryam Rajavi's Message on the Anniversary of the 1988 Massacre

    On the 29th anniversary of one of the most hideous crimes against humanity since the Second World War, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) sent a message urging the UN High Commissioner on human rights to immediately set up an independent committee to investigate the 1988 massacre and subsequently put those in charge before justice,the following is the full text of the message:



    The World Day against the Death Penalty is a time to pay tribute to 120,000 PMOI and combatant freedom-fighters including the 30,000 who were hanged during the 1988 massacre by the religious dictatorship in Iran.It is also a day to reject the mullahs’ abhorrent regime who protect their decadent rule by daily executions in the face of public dissatisfaction and protests of a restless society that thirsts for freedom.

  • MEK is a major threat to the Iranian regime

    By Mahdavi Nasim

    On July 1, 2017, the (NCRI) and the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK/PMOI) held a gathering in Paris, France, where more than 100,000 Iranians from all over the world participated. In addition, many international dignitaries including Rudy Giuliani former mayor of New York City, John Bolton former ambassador to the United States, Tom Ridge, Former Secretary of Homeland Security,


      Honorable friends, dear sisters and brothers,

     We have come together to pay homage to the epical resistance and sacrifice of Ashraf residents on September 1, 2013.This ceremony coincides with Eid Al-Adha.
    On the occasion of this Eid and this anniversary, we have come together to strengthen our vows to the 52 PMOI members who sealed their pledges by sacrificing their lives.We pledge to always remember their sacrifice

  • The PMOI/MEK Social Headquarter In Iran Calls For General Strike Especially In The Oil Sector


    Iran, Jan. 1, 2018 - In a statement to the brave and noble Iranians, the POMI/MEK Social Headquarters in Iran calls for a general strike in the country especially in the oil sector. The statement in part says: We must shake the evil of the despotism with the cry of 'Death to Velayat a-Faqih' [Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist]. 
    The strike in military industry and ammunition factories in addition to the important oil sector is necessary

  • We should tie support for the Iran nuke deal to human rights


    Since before the conclusion of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 in the summer of 2015, European policies toward the Islamic Republic have been badly misguided.The desire for that nuclear deal contributed to the development of an overwhelmingly conciliatory approach by Western leaders, ultimately leading to an ineffectual agreement that gave away tens of billions of euros in sanctions relief,

  • Why will Iran not turn into another Syria

    By F. Mahmoudi

    Al Arabiya, 10 January 2018 - The uprising of the Iranian people in over 130 cities has raised many questions and concerns. Some people opine that Iran may turn into another Syria.As mentioned in my earlier article, the greatest weakness of the regime in Iran is the erosion of its legitimacy in the wake of profound and widely pervasive social crises.

  • years into nuclear deal, US policy on Iran needs major makeover

    byAli safavi __July marks the second anniversary of the nuclear agreement between the Iranian regime and the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany. Former U.S. President Barack Obama envisioned the agreement — known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)— as a potential starting point for a broader rapprochement between the ruling theocracy and the West.

  • " Trump’s Middle East Visit, New Alliances, and a Terrified Iran "

    by Heshmat Alavi

    The reaction seen from Iranian state media outlets to the visit paid by US President Donald Trump last week to Saudi Arabia have been unorthodox, to say the least.

    “The US president is hand in hand with the supporters of terrorism, human rights victimized in the dances of swords… US raises allegations against Iran to ‘milk’ Saudi Arabia, according to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.”

  • "#Iran: Democratic opposition in the run-up to presidential elections "

    In the run-up to the Iranian regime’s presidential election, the activist network of the main Iranian opposition movement, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), has been engaged in an extensive, nationwide campaign calling on Iranians to boycott the elections.

    There has been a conspicuous uptick in the activities of the resistance network in recent weeks despite huge risks of arrest, torture and even execution. Iranian state media and some regime officials have publicly warned about these activities in recent weeks.

  • #FreeIran in Paris – a message of solidarity


    July 1, 2017 -- The grand gathering of the Iranian Resistance was held on Saturday 1 July in Paris. As usual this is not only an outstanding, colourful and great event but a manifestation of the only organized democratic opposition in Iran, the real alternative to the Mullahs’ regime. As such this grand gathering is supported by all the walks and varieties of Iranian people, even prisoners.

  • 57 executed in Iran since the beginning of July

    Maryam Rajavi : The Iranian regime’s stepped up resort to mass executions is a desperate bid to curb social upheavalsInternational community called to censure criminal executions, reject Tehran’s religious fascist regimeThe growing trend of mass executions since the beginning of July which has amounted to at least 57 executions so far is a desperate attemptby the clerical regime to counter the rising wave of public discontent and prevent the spread of popular upheavals by creating an atmosphere of fear and terror.

  • A democratic alternative 2 D Iranian regime – 'Free Iran' rally highlights MEK's role in Iranian resistance

     During the "Free Iran" rally in Paris on July 1, the mood was festive and clearing upbeat, as speakers discussed the movement of MEK members from Iraq to Albania.But many of the speakers and delegations also spoke of the real possibility of regime change in Iran, as they noted major changes on the international scene.

  • A democratic alternative to the Iranian regime – 'Free Iran' rally highlights MEK's role in Iranian resistance

     During the 'Free Iran' rally in Paris on July 1, the mood was festive and clearing upbeat, as speakers discussed the movement of MEK members from Iraq to Albania.But many of the speakers and delegations also spoke of the real possibility of regime change in Iran, as they noted major changes on the international scene. Speaker after speaker from the United States pointed to the new policies of the Trump administration,

  • A glimpse of Tehran, in video, days ahead of the election

    By Hassan Mahmoudi

    These days in Iran, if you walk Tehran's streets or go on social media, you will see many posters that read: No to the executioner Raisi; no to the demagogue Rouhani; my vote is for the regime's overthrow.

    That is how the people of Iran see the choices before them.  They are talking about choosing between "worse" and "even worse."  The Iranian people, after 38 years under the clerical regime, do not expect anything from this election.  They have seen so many of these sham elections.

  • A new Iran policy

    Linda Chavez

    Five-plus months into the Trump administration, the outlines of a new foreign policy remain unclear. One of Donald Trump's frequent applause lines when he was a candidate was his promise to "rip up" the Iranian nuclear agreement, which Trump and other critics claimed was one-sided because it lifted crippling economic sanctions yet allowed too much room for Iran to pursue development of nuclear weapons. In April, the Trump administration certified that Iran was narrowly living up to the agreement to halt the development of nuclear weapons, but the administration nonetheless slapped new sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile program and state-sponsored support for terrorism.

  • A News Report and All This Fear Inside Iranian Regime!

    By Mahmoud Hakamian

    Following recent remarks made by the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis based on the importance of regime change in Iran, we have been witnessing extreme reactions from the Iranian regime. Why?

    For two reasons Mattis’ remarks are nothing normal:

    1- The very nature of such words emphasizing on regime change

    2- Such a senior US official making these remarks